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Industrial Waste Water Treatment in India

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant Suppliers in India

Sauber Environmental provides Industrial Waste Water Treatment in India and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant Suppliers in India. The process of industrialization is adversely impacting the environment globally. Pollution due to inappropriate management of industrial wastewater is one of the major environmental problems particularly in India. With burgeoning numbers of Small Scale Industries (SSIs), concern towards the ever increasing volume of the effluent generated has tremendously increased. The volume of effluent generated by a cluster of SSIs at times surpasses the volume of wastewater generated by a single large industry.

A range of industries manufacture or use complex organic chemicals. These include pesticides, pharmaceuticals, Ternary, Distillery, paints and dyes, petrochemicals, detergents, plastics, paper etc. Waste waters can be contaminated by feedstock materials, by-products, product material in soluble or particulate form, washing and cleaning agents, solvents and added value products such as plasticisers.

Industrial Wastewater Characters varies from industry to industry and hence treatment process to be selected based on the specific characteristics of effluents and load of pollutants. Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) are considered as one of the viable solution for small to medium enterprises for effective wastewater treatment

Most Commonly and cost effective techniques of Industrial Waste water Treatment
  • Physico – Chemical Treatment
  • Aerobic Biological Treatment
  • Anaerobic Biological Treatment
  • Membrane Bio Reactor
  • Ultra filtration System
  • Ceramic Membrane Filtration
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment Plant