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24 x 7 Water Supply - it’s reality

Sauber Environmental Solutions is a Design and Engineering consulting company for 24x7 water supply system in India.Drinking water supply in India continues to be inadequate, despite long standing efforts by the various levels of government and communities at improving coverage. A number of innovative approaches to improve water supply have been tested in India, in particular in the early 2000s. These include demand-driven approaches in urban & rural water supply since 1999, , a public-private partnerships to improve the continuity of urban water supply, and the use of microcredits for water supply and sanitation in order to improve access to water and sanitation.

Throughout the world, municipal authorities have found that continuous water supply is the most efficient and cost-effective way of supplying water. This is because leaking pipes must be fixed before a 24x7 water supply system can be put in place. This, in turn, reduces the amount of water lost in distribution and makes more of it available for supply. In the long-term, these improvements reduce operating costs, unlike intermittent supply where pumping costs are high, the durability of pipes is reduced, and it is difficult for providers to ascertain how the network is operating.

Continuous water supply is critical for the people’s health. When the pipes remain full, the water remains clean. Under intermittent service, when pumping stops and the pressure in the pipes drops, groundwater from the surrounding areas can be sucked in, bringing with it wastewater from homes, and drains. If the pipes are continuously filled with, and supplying, water there is less chance of such contamination. Continuous water supply thus helps keep water clean and safe for consumers.

Services we offer:

  • Distribution network improvement on district metering area (DMA) basis for keeping Non Revenue Water ( NRW) within acceptable limits
  • Provision of individual metered connections to citizens
  • Provision of uninterrupted continuous water supply
  • Efficiency improvement in water supply including NRW management

Survey and GIS based Base Map:

This will broadly include the following activities and surveys / field investigations:
  • Review of physical condition assessment (visual) and operational data of various components of the system including transmission main, underground reservoirs, pump stations and distribution system, prepare inventory of existing assets.
  • Physical verification (random basis) of satellite imagery of the town, Door to door field household survey, Topographical survey, Preparation of GIS based consumer map, conducting survey & investigation, plotting assets on GIS map by linking with Geo- spatial data base and hydraulic data using suitable software

Hydraulic Network Modeling, Design - Engineering integrated with

This will broadly include;
  • Carry out Hydraulic Network Modeling (HNM) for water supply system. Develop the future water balance for the study area considering the desired minimum service levels of 135 lpcd,
  • Computation of water allocation for the spatially distributed population for the design Development of hydraulic network model for the proposed system for. based The hydraulic network model to be built on digital elevation model based on information available from site surveys. The HNM to be built on contour maps of 0.5 m interval GIS map.
  • Importing the GIS file for Hydraulic modelling of Water in design software (Water GEMS), demand allocation to footprints and Hydraulic Network Modelling.
  • HNM for both transmission and distribution system for future scenario/ design horizon

Design and Engineering:

  • Detailed process, basic and structural design & engineering of pumping station (working drawing) including mechanical and electrical and automation items.
  • Design of SCADA system required for effective management of the water supply system based on the continuous data, its analysis and management for entire water supply scheme .
  • The scope also include Ppreparation of “Working Drawings” for various allied components including transmission system, pump stations, distribution system, thrust blocks, valve chambers, L-sections, house service connections and sewer line man-holes, desilting pit etc.
Preparation of Service Improvement Plan (SIP);

Design-Build Works:

  • Detailed design, drawings and cost estimates of works and Value Engineering to meet the Performance Standards
  • Work plan, Methodology and timelines for implementation in line with the employers' broad concept /requirement.
  • Asset Replacement Schedule with justification.
  • Detailed methodology for continuous monitoring of the performance of the Contractor in achieving and maintaining the Performance Standards for release of the eligible Operating Payments;
  • Possible use of sewage effluent after detailed discussions and exploring possibility;

Operating and Management Procedures & Policies:

  • Water and treated sewage quality surveillance program
  • Energy optimization program
  • Connections policy for all types of connections including services to the urban poor and treatment of illegal connections
  • Network expansion policy
  • Detailed methodology for continuous monitoring of the performance of contractor Annual Operating Plan (AOP) (O & M Plan) covering all operations
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Consumer Management and Public relation Plan
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) for routine operations and emergency responses, check lists templates etc.
  • New water Connection / disconnection / reconnection Policy to individual houses.
  • New Sewer connection policy to individual houses / establishments.
  • Water Meter Management Policy.
  • Network expansion Policy
  • Detailing of an integrated Management Information System (IMIS) including its architecture, data capture, management and reporting structures
  • Periodic reporting plan including the formats for different performance report
  • The computer hardware and software improvement plan for continued operation of the MIS, instrumentation and SCADA